Benny has as many personalities as he does voices, and not one of them is the voice of reason.  He makes the joke sound simple but you will still be thinking about it a hour later. Benny highlights the humor of everyday life, along with the humor of lives you never imagined.

Benny Quash has been wanting to make people laugh since he can remember. Growing up in small town Wisconsin he knew he wanted a chance to get out.  Otherwise, the only option was to continue weighing potato trucks at the Ore-ida plant.

He used the false facade that he wanted to be a radio dj, so he enrolled in ‘A’ ‘school’ in Minneapolis.  After arriving in the Twin Cities, Benny tried his hand at stand-up comedy and has now performed all over the United States and Canada.  He has done venues from a hole in the wall bar, to a 50,000 seat stadium (but there were only 800 people there.  Who are we kidding?)